WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook Blocked by Uganda’s government few days before elections

Ugandans Social Media users complained on Tuesday as they were unable to access Whatsapp and Facebook platforms. Presidential candidates have largely used social media to campaign ahead of the expected Thursday election.

According to a letter dated January 12 by the Ugandan Communication Regulator to internet providers, the regulators ordered them to block all the social media platforms and messaging apps until further notice.

On the other hand, campaigns have been banned ahead of the voting day in what the government says the opposition is breaking the COVID-19 protocols set.

The young pop star Bobi Wine who is half the age of incumbent President Museveni is regarded as the frontrunner among the 10 candidates. Bobi Wine has managed to pull a huge crowd of young people from all over the country.

This year’s campaigns have been reined with police brutalities and opposition intimidation which even saw 54 people losing their lives while protesting for the release of Bobi Wine.

On Tuesday, Bobi Wine said soldiers raided his home in Kampala while he was having an interview with a Kenyan Radio.

Bobi Wine has called on all the Ugandans to come out in large numbers and vote for him and urged them to stay in the polling stations to protect their votes.

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